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  1. Overview of Small Groups
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  3. Teaching
  4. Application
  5. Sharing
  6. Touch
  7. Extra
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The purpose of this next element is to allow members to share how God "spoke" to them personally from the portion of Scripture. This is different from sharing a fact about the text, and it is different from making application (although it is close to the latter). This is one of the most critical elements of a small group, and is paramount to enabling a believer to get "connected" to God through His Word. This element must be taught by the leader.

The leader can simply open this element by asking, "Does anyone want to share how God spoke personally through His Word this week?" This is sometimes an intimate time of personal sharing and vulnerability. Not everyone in the group grasps the concept or is willing to share. Little comment needs to be made by the leader when someone shares how God spoke to them personally through His Word, but affirmation and encouragement should always be extended. Thank members for sharing and don’t be afraid to pause for prayer whenever appropriate.

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