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  1. Overview of Small Groups
  2. The Basic Structure of a Small Group Bible Study
  3. Teaching
  4. Application
  5. Sharing
  6. Touch
  7. Extra
  8. In Summary

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The purpose of sharing is to allow other members in the group to share ideas, insights, knowledge, facts and themes they themselves learned by reading the selected portion of Scripture.

Always seek every opportunity to open up the meeting to any member of the group who wishes to share. As long as discussion continues to focus on personal application of Scripture, don’t worry if things aren’t moving point-by-point according to the study outline. Trust the leading of the Spirit in the sharing of the application of the Bible.

However, a key responsibility in leading the group is to ensure that no single member takes all the time or dominates the group. Such a member, however, may have a gift of teaching and may be a possible candidate for becoming a leader of a future small group. Discernment must be made between a member who is teaching and someone who is merely talking.

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