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The Walk
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Weekly Bible Study

The weekly studies available for download on this site can serve as a weekly, personal exploration of a section of the overall reading. You can subscribe to the Walk with the Word newsletter to receive them in your email inbox each week. These can serve as guides revealing how the Inductive approach can work for you. The main point is to NOT read for the sake of reading or just for information; read to hear God’s voice speaking to you personally through His Word and seek how to apply it to your walk with Him.

If you come across a difficult passage, word, or phrase, go to your Bible dictionary. Follow the verse references printed within your Bible to examine similar passages or even check a concordance. First allow yourself the opportunity to examine Scripture seeking the Spirit’s guidance before seeking a mature fellow Believer’s counsel. Use commentaries only as the last resort. This advice is intended to allow you to gain insight into God’s Word with as few presuppositions–yours or others–as possible and to not hear what God has said to other people but what He is now saying to you.

Seriously consider keeping a journal as described in more detail later. Jot down just one thought a day concerning something in the reading that spoke to your heart and how you intend to use it to make a difference in your personal walk.

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